A true meeting of creative minds demands overarching respect and understanding of each other’s craft and practice.

For FALL WINTER ‘22 côte&ciel has teamed up with Japanese performance wear masters DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN to set out and personify this ethos in a first collaborative project.

The BEST of apparel and bags – forming a technical SYSTEM designed to delight the fans of FUNCTIONALITY THAT TRANSCENDS FORM.

With only 155 pieces globally this capsule is highly limited in availability.

SORMONNE MÉTAMORPHE -  the Shapeshifter

Flatpack, Backpack and Tote in ONE

This exciting new take on the iconic SORMONNE lets you travel in style, without ever compromising on functionality. Essentially three products in one, this minimal piece levels up even further if combined with the Mizusawa Down Jacket from Descente Allterrain.


In just a few quick steps the piece transforms completely.

1. For a commuter friendlyCITY LOOK: Wear it as a flatpack under the Down Jacket and protect all your valuables from wandering hands, yet keep the technical look of a backpack harness in the front .

2. To keep you flexible on your HIKE IN NATURE: Use the backpack volume outside the Down Jacket and pack all your essentials. The added benefit? If it gets too hot you can just push the jacket backwards and hike hands-free.

3. Not in the mood for a backpack? Simply clip on the additional shoulder strap and turn the outside volume into a functional tote bag.

Descente Allterrain MIZUSAWA DOWN JACKET- The Japan-made Classic

An absolute staple of functional craftsmanship, this iteration of the MADE IN JAPAN Mizusawa Down Jacket from Descente Allterrain is a piece engineered to perfection.

With a slightly more loose fit compared to the brands’ usual tight fit jackets this version was specifically altered to work perfectly in tandem with the SORMONNE MÉTAMORPHE.


1. Hidden zippered openings at the back of the jacket, allowing for the backpack strap systemd to dock and enable a whole new level of functional wearing.

2. Side zipper system to pull through the side pockets of the backpack, making your essential items instantly accessible to you. 

3. Buckles inside the front jacket pockets to dock the backpack side pockets onto.