In french, our name means COAST AND SKY. Two worlds stretching toward each other. Your eye pulls them together, and YOU CREATE THE HORIZON.
A limitless LINE, an ENDLESS experiment.
côte&ciel was founded in PARIS in 2008. We embody THE SPIRIT OF THE REBEL AND THE ESSENCE OF THE ROMANTIC. Just as the horizon is infinite, so is the way we design.
NO DRAWING -- because we do not believe in freezing an idea on paper. NO CUTTING -- BECAUSE WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN INTRODUCING LIMITS. Guided by craft and intuition, WE FOLLOW OUR OWN VISION, ALLOWING THE UNEXPECTED TO EMERGE. Creativity is the beating heart of everything we do.
No pencils, NO PATTERNS. OUR SHAPES BEGIN with a geometric surface. WE FOLD, twist, STITCH, fill, REFLECT... and fold AGAIN.
Animations by Szymon Kabala
Sound by Damiano Cappè