Sormonne POPaccent Black

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SORMONNE | Named after the tranquil waters of a river in North East France, this backpack brings peace of mind to the organizationally challenged. The interior compartment can comfortably house a device of up to 13”, while the exterior offers three flat-fronted pockets.

An optional pop of colour can be added by utilising the pull-out blue pouch pocket. This version of the SORMONNE also features removable colourful accessories and a vertical pocket housing a rain cover.

POPaccent | Positive primary tones of blue, yellow and red create a sense of newness to our core shapes, while darker tones provide the earth and grounding to the collection. These accents of colour, like safety equipment in the world of construction, are there to be noticed.

SKU 28902
Height 43cm
Width 28cm
Depth 13cm
Color Black
Shape Backpack (18 Litre)
Composition Polyester, Nylon
Device up to 13" (29cm x 23cm x 3.5cm)
Features Water resistant, Laptop Pocket

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