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Isar Air Reflective Black

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The seasonal and lightweight ISAR AIR Reflective backpack features two main compartments. The front section expands according to your carrying needs. This version of the ISAR AIR features an expandable reflective front hidden under a double zipper that can be extended for better nighttime visibility. In the rear compartment, a padded pocket provides safe storage for laptops of up to 16”.


  • capacity (litres): 12.5
  • capacity expanded (litres): 27.5
  • color: Black
  • composition: 100% Polyester
  • device: up to 16''
  • material: EcoYarn
  • sku: 28974
  • style: Backpack
  • height: 60
  • length: 6
  • width: 28.5


  • This product is made with reflective fabric sensitive to abrasion.
  • With extended usage the surface of this material can show imperfections normal to any reflective fabric.
  • The white print on this fabric is susceptive to abrasion, handle with care.