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Aóos Nano Majocchi

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The AÓOS NANO is a clever twisted pouch which doubles both as a bag charm and a smart storage case for your wireless earbuds. The all-around zipper allows for a full unfolding of the pouch. A round metal loop on the outside can help secure the AÓOS to other bags for easy and quick access.


  • color: White
  • composition: 100% Polyester + Resine
  • device: N/A
  • feature: Showerproof, Reflective
  • material: Majocchi White
  • sku: 29020
  • style: Accessories
  • height: 9
  • length: 1.5
  • width: 0
  • weight: 0.05 kg


  • This product is made with reflective fabric sensitive to abrasion.
  • With extended usage the surface of this material can show imperfections normal to any reflective fabric.
  • The white print on this fabric is susceptive to abrasion, handle with care.