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Adda Reflective Grey

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This reflective zippered shoulder strap can be worn on its own, either as a minimal crossbody bag or around the waist. Using the matt black carabiner clips on the black webbing straps, the ADDA can be attached to other côte&ciel products as an additional accessory, functioning as a carrying strap or extra storage compartment on bags in either matching or complementary colours and materials.


  • color: Reflective Grey
  • composition: 100% Polyester
  • material: Reflective
  • sku: 28976
  • style: Crossbody/Sling Bag
  • height: 14
  • length: 1
  • width: 45


  • This product is made with reflective fabric sensitive to abrasion.
  • With extended usage the surface of this material can show imperfections normal to any reflective fabric.
  • The white print on this fabric is susceptive to abrasion, handle with care.