Inspired by the works of photographic artist Jonathan Jimenez aka JONK, the SPRING SUMMER 2023 collection looked at how mankind casts aside its own creations. Allowing NATURE to once again create beauty where there was none.

Showing how life in its purest form, will always finds its own way.


The ALLURA BLACK family of products find the brand pushing levels of luxury across not only its fabrics but across its hard-wearas well. Where the new leather envelopes the bags clips and buckles, show casing côte&ciel ’s ability to walk the line between conceptual and functional in a single bound.


Komatsu Matere is actively developing dyeing technologies that coexist with the environment to protect and preserve the global environment." Onibegie®" is one of them. Onibegie® is an environmentally friendly material that uses and combines ingredients extracted from onion skin as a base and various natural ingredients.


MAJOCCHI REFLECTIVE WHITE fabric with custom design mimicking the appearance of vines and other natural structures. A perfect juxtaposition between technicality and naturality.

CRISPY LEMON reflective fabric - adding a splash of colour onto the journey of our Urban Explorers through a targeted use of key accessories.

Forging new paths as we continue to look to the future, côte&ciel once again answers the call of forward-thinking creatives around the globe with a range of conceptual products synonymous with travel and creative expression.