côte&ciel | Paris Store

côte&ciel Paris Store
At long last, this June we will see côte&ciel open its first store in Le Marais, Paris, where the label was founded almost 15 years ago.

As a brand that places a greater emphasis on the tactility and physicality of its designs, côte&ciel is returning to its Parisian roots and to allow customers to connect with the product in a more intimate setting, away from digital interference.

Set away in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement, the store can be found on Rue du Pont aux Choux, in the heart of Le Haut Marais.

The neighbourhood felt like the natural place for côte&ciel to open its first Parisian flagship in this dynamic, artistic and yet authentic Parisian street.
Once again, in a similar fashion to its Roppongi Hills, Tokyo, location, côte&ciel has collaborated with BALZER BALZER, a Berlin-based creative studio founded in 2019 and led by the three Balzer brothers, on the interior design of its Paris store to follow through with implementing a clear aesthetic vision.

Questions were raised and solutions were found as to how they would collectively translate the brand’s external narrative into a minimal, architectural and functional design approach.

Inside the Paris flagship, visitors will find themselves immersed in a familiar environment that is a physical manifestation of the côte&ciel universe, from current Spring/Summer ‘23 products to store exclusives and carry-over styles that remain in rotation season after season.
One of highlights of the store are the bespoke retail fixtures developed exclusively for côte&ciel by BALZER BALZER that embody the brand’s philosophy and can be seamlessly integrated into any installation, offering a consistent and harmonious experience across all côte&ciel locations from Paris to Japan.

In reference to ‘Coast and Sky’, the colour of the walls and floor are a bright sand tone which is set off by dark anthracite fixtures and fittings, creating a universal canvas inside the gallery-like space where the products are the point of focus and can be visible.

In contrast, the space introduces blue carpets and desktops with organic shapes, which narrate a humorous inversion of the brands design approach: instead of creating volumes from surfaces as in the product design process, BALZER BALZER do the opposite, turning bodies of water into flat surfaces.

Bespoke mirrors are reminiscent of côte&ciel products.

Whether you’re a local or visiting from elsewhere, côte&ciel invites you to experience its Paris store in person.