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Orne Plus Mr. Bailey X côte&ciel black bag

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The MRBAILEY ORNE PLUS is a transformative mid-sized crossbody bag that can take three forms according to the wearer’s needs or preferences. Depending on which form the MRBAILEY ORNE PLUS is in, the side pocket changes its location: for example, when the bag is in the ‘beanie’ shape, the pocket is external and when the bag is expanded, the pocket becomes an internal compartment. 

Moulded around an upside-down version of MRBAILEY’s iconic beanie hat, the bag features a more pronounced twist in the fabric at the bottom. Lastly, the MRBAILEY ORNE PLUS features an interchangeable strap that can be replaced by an ADDA, for instance, for increased storage options. 

The MRBAILEY ORNE PLUS is fabricated using a smooth black nylon material. 


  • color: Black
  • expanded height: 450 MM
  • loading weight: 7,75 KGS
  • Main Shell composition: 100% Nylon
  • material: Smooth Black
  • sku: 29116
  • style: Crossbody
  • height: 280 MM
  • width: 425 MM
  • Volume: 7,3 L
  • Volume Expanded: 15,5 L 
  • weight: 0,57 KGS


  • Avoid contact with any type of chemical cleaning agents as those can result in fabric damage and discolouration.
  • Clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and other dirt.